Caroline de Maigret: my top 10

Text: Yeong Sassall

The new muse for Aussie brand Blue Illusion shares a few of her favourite things

Chanel ambassador, Lancôme spokesperson, model, aristocrat and record label owner - Caroline de Maigret juggles many hats, but she's best known for being the quintessential Parisian. One of the authors of much-quoted Francophile bible How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, Caroline has turned the simple act of being Gallic into a kind of art form. Which brings us to her latest project - the face of French-inspired fashion label Blue Illusion.

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Taking to the streets of Paris for the shoot, we sat down with the husky voiced muse for a quick chat during hair and make-up. While first endearing us over her love of Aussies ("I'd love to work with Australians every day - everyone's so laidback") she instantly won us over for her straightforward answers and no-fuss approach to style. Indeed, it's this nonchalance that has her turning up in every street style gallery ever made and earnign a permanent front row seat at Chanel. (Sigh.) Describing the Blue Illusion collection as "the same way I dress - all those classics that I love like navy blue and earthy colours," Caroline has a thing for "classic, elegant and timeless clothes" as well as plenty of denim and knitwear.

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But does she ever get sick of the city of love? Hardly. "I love to shoot in Paris, it's where I'm from and [it enables] me to have my life, if you know what I mean?" she says. "I have my son, my boyfriend, my friends, and my whole family here. So it's a real treat when I can shoot in Paris." 

With her various projects keeping her busy, Caroline also revealed that she's writing a new book. "I'm not going to tell you about it yet because it's a bit too early, but it's about women," she hinted. "And it's going to be a fun read. And even more intimate."

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