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She's an internationally successful model; he's a Sydney journalist who once got mistaken for Harry Styles (true story). Together they share an apartment, career highs and lows, and lots of laughter

Could young love look any sweeter than this? When you're model Ruby Jean Wilson and her journalist boyfriend James Gorman, looking cool, sexy and pretty damn amazing in just your Calvin Kleins and a guitar is par for the course. Of course, being ridiculously photogenic, madly in love and on the right side of 30 helps, too. For Ruby, hamming it up in front of the camera comes as naturally as blinking, having earned her stripes opening and closing for Marc Jacobs during his Louis Vuitton days, as well as walking for Burberry Prorsum and Marchesa. But even though James is more comfortable crafting stories behind a computer screen, when you pair these two together, you can barely see their differences. Here, we discover the secrets to their relationship success and press them for all the important details, such as meet-cute moments, annoying quirks and who dresses whom...        

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How did you two meet?
Ruby: We met in a bar and just hit it off.

How long have you been together?
Ruby: A year and three months.

What are your most annoying habits?
Ruby: I'd say probably things like forgetting to turn off lights and appliances. Also, leaving things until the last minute. I am very indecisive!
James: I can be a bit of a clean freak... and I am definitely a creature of habit.

Who does the cooking and cleaning?
Ruby: I cook mostly! I'm the master chef but have to admit James cleans way more than me. I hate cleaning!
James: I do most of the cleaning. In terms of cooking: toast is my specialty. Although I do make a mean 3am microwaved bowl of nachos... to Ruby's disgust.

Do you share your career highs and lows with each other? Do you look to each other for help?
Ruby: Our jobs are very different so we tend to just discuss our days together. For me that's a great thing. When you work in the fashion industry, it's sometimes great to be around people that have little interest in that side of things. It can be a very self-indulgent industry.
James: Whenever I feel despondent Ruby always encourages me to visualise a positive outcome which works most of the time. She can be a great source of inspiration.

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Why is it refreshing not working in the same industry?
James: I feel like we both have a lot to teach each other. Sure, it can be difficult to relate sometimes, but I know she enjoys it and I always try to support her. I knew absolutely nothing about the fashion industry before meeting Ruby. I'm still not sure I do but I always smile and nod.
Ruby: It's good to come home to someone whose work is not image based. I find as a model, it can be hard not to become caught up in all that. It's refreshing to hear a different perspective and nice to keep work and play separate sometimes! I think before we met we knew a lot less about each other's industries than we do now.

James, does Ruby's work make you intrigued or glad to be a journalist?
James: I admit, the salary, travel and overall freedom of Ruby's job makes it sound very appealing! But I love being a writer; it's what I believe I'm good at. But yes, there are time I wish I had her life.

Ruby, you've probably seen a different side to the media than James has - do you ever wish you could swap jobs for a day?
Ruby: I actually always wanted to do journalism in school. So definitely, even one day when I'm not modelling I'd love to do a job similar to James'. I love creative writing though - I think I'd have trouble staying unbiased in James' position.

Do you bounce ideas off each other?
Ruby: Of course! I love rambling about anything and everything to James, he always listens and supports me.
James: I always like telling Ruby about my day, the stories I've written and people I've spoken to. She's a great listener. I'm passionate about my work and the stories that I write but I know that other people may not have the same enthusiasm for it. I occasionally talk about it at home, but mostly I try to leave it at the office.

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James, were you intimidated by dating a model at all?
James: Short answer, yes. I still wonder what the heck she sees in me [laughs].

Ruby, were you intimidated by dating a journalist?
Ruby: No! I love his job it was a talking point from the get-go!

Do you influence each other's style?
Ruby: I'd say I probably influence James' style a lot more than he influences my own. But that's because I'm obsessed with clothes!
James: Apparently I was doing it all wrong before I met Ruby [laughs], however I'll never give up my skull ring and leather jacket.

What was it that attracted you to each other?
Ruby: His wit, his kindness, his lovely smile.
James: Her smile, her eyes but mostly her personality. It's been a long time since I've met someone as strange as I am!

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What do you love about each other? List the five best qualities.
Ruby: I love that:
1. He's probably the kindest person I've ever met.
2. He's incredibly supportive of my choices.
3. We can laugh at the most ridiculous and not very funny things hysterically like kids.
4. I love his smile .
5. And how determined and clever he is.

James: I love that:
1. She's always supportive of everything I do.
2. She's never afraid of what people think.
3. Would it be vain to say I think she's the most beautiful girl I've met?
4. Despite past failures, she won't give up trying to teach me how to cook.
5. She has the biggest heart. She's always thinking about others.

What's your most ridiculous/funniest memory as a couple?
Ruby: Oh my god, they're all so stupid! I can't think of one thing in particular.
James: We have so many inside jokes...

Who decorates? And who has the final say?
Ruby: Team effort. We moved into our apartment about eight months ago and we have procrastinated decorating a lot! We are both so busy. I really want to find a print of this Klimt painting I love.

James, what's your favourite outfit or look on Ruby?"
James: Ruby has such an eclectic assortment of clothes. It would be hard to pick a favourite outfit! I love how she always wears platform shoes.

Ruby, what's your favourite outfit on him?
Ruby: I love him just in his skinny jeans, boots and this cute gingham shirt he bought not long ago. Maybe also in this great vintage military style jacket we found together.

Photographer: Ben Simpson @ Company1
Hair/make-up: Corrina Wilmshurst @ Work

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