Buro loves love: Kym and Luke

Buro loves love: Kym and Luke

An Aussie love story

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Image: Jake Terrey

On a sunny Sydney day we get up close and personal with the very cute Kym Ellery and Luke Stedman

She's one of Australian fashion's most successful exports; he's a former pro surfer turned menswear designer. Their respective labels Ellery and Insted We Smile might straddle opposite poles of the style spectrum, but on closer inspection, this loved-up duo share more than just an appreciation for nice threads. They live together in Sydney's Whale Beach and we got to spend an afternoon with the affectionate and playful pair. Here's their story.

How did you two meet? Who approached whom?
Kym: Luke and I met two and half years ago. He actually approached me on Facebook, which I don't use very often, so when I received a message from him requesting we have coffee, I was confused - I didn't know him at all. Three months later we actually made a time to meet and from that moment onwards we've been together every day.
Luke: It was all really innocent. I had just left NYC and Kym was just arriving, and I saw this on FB. She didn't say yes for a couple of months. She kept me hanging!

Where did you go on your first date? Any awkward stories we should know about?
Kym: I asked him to meet me for a 'first date' coffee out the front of the Louis Vuitton store on George Street. While I was waiting, I bought myself a pair of fierce court shoes. I remember standing on the pavement with my new shoes all swaddled up in tissue paper, when Luke casually swang by to collect me.
Luke: Of course she was shopping! Coffee turned into lunch, lunch turned into afternoon cocktails and cocktails turned into a sunset dinner at North Bondi Italian. If there was any awkwardness I didn't notice it. It was smooth sailing that night and it's been like that for the past two and a half years. 

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Do you share the creative process with each other?
Kym: We're always talking about our ideas and concepts - the creative banter never stops. I feel like he's my perfect match because he makes each day more beautiful than the last.
Luke: 100 per cent. I speak for the both of us when I say that being creative is the most important and enjoyable part of our businesses and daily lives. We talk about work a lot and I can give Kym a really honest answer because I know her business inside out and she knows mine. 

Any plans on collaborating in the future?
Kym: One day I hope to have Luke on board to launch Ellery mens, but we'll have to wait and see if he accepts the project...
Luke: I often look to Kym for guidance whether it's on creative direction or business advice. Kym is an exceptional businessperson and creative wizard. I hope I offer her some good ideas from time to time. 

Obviously, you both have your own personal styles, but since you've been together how much have they changed or influenced each other?
Kym: Not much at all. We've never once tried to alter one another. It's strange because we both have specific points of view but we both love each other's style.
Luke: If Kym wants to pick out my outfit I'm 100 per cent down with it. I feel completely spoilt when this happens. My outfit laid out and ready to jump in after a shower? How fantastic!!

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Kym, Luke has a major surfing background, do you share that love?
I love the ocean, as well as surfing culture, but in terms of participating, it's just not for me. I did surfing and lifesaving when I was younger. Now, I'm so afraid of sharks that I just prefer to sit on the beach and spectate!

Who wear the pants in the relationship?
Kym: It depends. Both of us are tough, so it really depends on the matter at hand.
Luke:  When it comes to the bottom line, I wear the pants.

You live together, how did you merge your living styles?
Kym: It was a no brainer. We work well together and this interview is really making me appreciate that!
Luke: I'm super relaxed and easygoing, so for me this was an easy transition. Kym's [interiors] style is incredible and our house looks like something out of a magazine, so I couldn't be more happy. I just have to make sure I keep it clean.

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What do you love about each other? List the best five qualities.
Luke: I love that:
1. Kym loves to sleep and I love being ten toes deep as well. So we spend a lot of time under the doona - although Kym gets cranky at me for the theft of it, which apparently happens regularly. 
2. Kym has a wonderful outlook on life. She has an idea, makes a plan and then actions it. The sky's the limit. 
3. She's my best friend, as well as my lover. 
4. She makes me laugh a lot, she's super witty and clever and I love her sense of humour.
5. I know Kym will always be there for me as I will be there for her and this is very comforting. 

Kym: I love that Luke is:
1. Always having fun, no matter what.
2. Can hold his own in any situation. Whether we're at a barbecue in Perth or at a dinner with politicians in NYC, Luke is always on point with his demeanor.
3. He makes me feel safe, wherever we are - be it travelling overseas or when we're sleeping together at night. He's a man.
4. Has incredible style.
5. Luke is friendly and never passes judgement on anyone. He is honest and pure and I love him for that.

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Kym: What's your favourite outfit or look on him?
Anything he's made. I especially love his turquoise suede cut-out and appliqué 'seaweed motif' handmade jacket.  I think it shows a true understanding of artisan culture and appreciation for something more than just 'fashion'.

Luke: What's your favourite outfit on him?
The other day she wore flared denim jeans, a white tee shirt, a pair of shades and some cool sandals. I was like,  'Wow. You never wear this.' I see Kym in beautiful, expensive luxury clothing every day, so when I see her in a more casual look I really get excited. 

Photography: Jake Terrey. Hair & make-up: Nadine Monley.

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