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As one of those cross-continental love matches with a happy ending, now-married couple Heidi and Steve share their funny proposal story, a holiday-from-hell and how they'll be spending Valentine's Day

Their initial match may have been made in cyberspace, but in person the spark between make-up artist Heidi Scarlett King and IT technical consultant Steve Lewis was immediate. The couple first met while both living in Steve's native London and disastrous first dates aside, ended up tying the knot in Mauritius in 2013. After moving to Heidi's home country Australia in late 2014, they're now happily settled in Sydney with their two beloved cats.

How did you two meet?
Heidi: I was living in London and my flatmate was sick of hearing about my bad date stories, so she convinced me to try this online site she was on. Eerily, a similar story was happening to Steve at around the same time, but an hour out of London.
Steve: Pretty much as Heidi explained, my flatmate at the time was on this dating website and told me I should give it a go. Not expecting much at all and then Heidi popped up! The rest is history.

Who approached whom?
Heidi: Me for sure. We chatted for about a month just getting to know each other before we even met.

How long have you been together?
Almost 6 years (and two and half years married).

How will you spend Valentine's Day together?
A cheeky vino on the couch hanging with our fur babies, Arnie and Perrie.

Have you ever had a terrible date night? What happened?
Steve: I'm still making up for it now, I actually did a no show for our first date we arranged. However, a trip to the hospital was unplanned as was the torn cartilage and repair operation in my right knee from playing football earlier in the day.
Heidi: Does a terrible holiday count?! We booked a trip to Ayia Napa, a bit of a party town in Cyprus. When we rocked up to the hotel late, they were completely full and had messed up the bookings. They gave us this weird room outside the hotel that was like this little outback wooden tool shed. We could hear every party in the whole town that night as we were practically on the street! After the anger wore off it was pretty funny.

Describe your ideal Valentine's Day.
Heidi: Valentine's isn't a biggie for us, just a fun date night another night will do.

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What was it that attracted you to each other?
Heidi: When we finally met up on our blind date, the connection for me was instant. He asked all the right questions and we were definitely on the same page. And he was okay looking too! :)
Steve: For me the connection was also instant, I saw Heidi and thought to myself, 'Wow, well done Stevo - she's hot!'

Heidi, what do you love about Steve? List 5 qualities.
1. His dry English humour.
2. He is very supportive in everything I do.
3. His silent laugh that ends in high pitched squeak.
4. He's very romantic... He always tells me he loves me and texts that he's missing me all the time.
5. His easygoing nature; he totally chills me out.

Steve, what do you love about Heidi?
I love everything about my gorgeous wife. If I had to pick out five it would be:
1. Her cute little smile.
2. Her caring nature.
3. Her ambition.
4. Heidi never gives up, she has a dream and works so hard trying to achieve it.
5. Heidi supports my interests - not sure if she listens to all my cricket chat 5 years on.

What's your most ridiculous/funniest memory as a couple?
Heidi: Probably the day he asked me to marry him - I had noooo idea it was coming. My face was severely sunburnt, complete with sunglasses marks; I basically looked like a dog's dinner! I had taken him away for his birthday weekend and spent the day at a theme park. Just out of the blue he asked me, so I couldn't help but laugh out loud! [It was] not at all expected. I didn't actually believe him for at least 15 minutes!
Steve: There are so many to choose from, the Cyprus tool shed hotel room ranks highly. However, on a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas we were sat next to a very large guy with hygiene issues. Luckily for Heidi, the plane was partly empty and she was able to move to another seat, thus leaving me sitting next to this extremely smelly guy. I felt embarrassed for the chap and ended up spending the next two hours chatting to the guy, [much to] Heidi's annoyance and amusement considering the horrendous stench.

Heidi, what's your favourite outfit on Steve?
Steve has a great collection of suits. I love him in his theee-piece ones, particularly the tweed number.

And what was your favourite piece from the Swarovski Valentine's Day collection?
I love bold, chunky jewellery, so the charm bracelet was my ultimate pick.

Steve, what's your favourite outfit on Heidi?
I love it when Heidi wears her vintage '60s and '70s dresses. I love the '60s style and Heidi always looks amazing in a little retro number. 

Photography: Michael Naumoff @ Vivien's Creative 
Heidi wears jewellery from Swarovski's Valentine's Day collection #sharethelove

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