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She's the co-founder of Aussie label Aje; he's an acclaimed photographer.  For Edwina Robinson and Felix Forest, theirs is a mutually inspiring relationship

The shots say it all: this is one seriously loved up couple. Photographed strolling the streets of Sydney's East for our shoot, it's clear for all to see that Felix and Edwina are incredibly close. They list each other as sources of inspiration and don't just complement each other's creative processes but fuel them, working collaboratively on everything from Edwina's Aje campaigns to Felix's exhibitions to the styling of their home. Whether you attribute it to Felix's background (he is French, after all) or their shared creative pursuits, the spark between the two is undeniably electric. And just wait until you hear the way they talk about each other...

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How did you two meet? Who approached whom? 
Edwina: It was a meeting of eyes - we were both with friends waiting for a table at the front of one of our favourite restaurants, Fratelli Paradiso. Our eyes connected for what seemed like forever. Felix found out my name through the friend he was dining with, he made contact and then the rest is history.
Felix: I'm glad she didn't approach me; I'm a bit old school and believe a man should make the first move, for marriage material anyway!

How long have you been together? 
Edwina: We had our first official date on Valentine's Day, 2013 - it was the day I arrived back from overseas, not a clichéd 'romantic' statement. I moved in two days later, ten months after that Felix proposed and three years (June next year in France) later we will be married! 
Felix: I knew pretty quickly that I couldn't let this one go. No one knew I was going to propose either so it was a great surprise for everyone!

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What are your most annoying habits? 
Edwina: Oh wow, I'm sure I have many - I'm always very busy and chaotically organised with work, so in my personal life, I'm quite spontaneous and 'fluffy' as Felix calls it.
Felix: I'm moody, I actually don't know how Edwina deals with it and on top of that she's always in a good mood!

Who does the cooking and cleaning? 
Edwina: Felix is amazingly creative with cuisine and is seemingly so happy and relaxed in the kitchen. I am a clean freak so it's generally a harmonious situation where he cooks and I clean. 
Felix: Eddi's really good at breakfast - I'm talking elaborate cooked breakfast not a cereal bowl! And stir fries! I clean the outdoors and she cleans the indoors.

Do you share the creative process with each other? 
Edwina: Absolutely. The creative process is such a special thing to be able to share with your partner. We collaborate on the journey and the destination together. Felix shoots all our monthly campaigns; I creatively direct and style. Additionally, I am hugely into photography and love being a part of Felix's selection process for his exhibitions. He is such a talent and has such a beautiful eye. It is an amazing gift to be able to grow creatively together with your partner as well as individually, and to respect and seek each other's creative advice. 
Felix: I was always into clothing, I say clothing rather than fashion. Being able to see the progression of Aje and the new collections is such a fun and inspiring experience. Some of my family are in fashion and I had experience with a couple of labels when I was at uni so it feels very natural to have it in my life. Edwina's creative process is quite different to mine. When we work together though it's all collaborative, with all her good moods and all my moodiness!

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Do you talk about work and the industry together? 
Edwina: Felix is in interiors and I am in fashion however our two working worlds have much in common.  We can relate to each other's plights and successes, which is a very special thing. So yes, we spend much time talking shop without feeling like we're working. 
Felix: Our industries have similarities but they are also so different, the mentalities and pace is very different in fashion so I think Edwina brings a great perspective on my industry and I can share my thoughts on hers.

What was it that attracted you to each other? 
Edwina: We were drawn to each other instinctively. He does have the most deep and soulful eyes though, I remember feeling like I was drowning in them when we first met - in a good way! 
Felix: Edwina is the most gentle and beautiful soul. This quality is so strong that it shined through her God blessed hot shell and blinded me. Instant and progressive love, a winning combo!

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What do you love about each other? 
Edwina: Felix is such a soulful human. He is so curious and passionate about everything in life. It's so inspiring. He is also so kind, thoughtful, intriguing, trustworthy, well mannered, intelligent, gentle and has so much integrity. He is the kind of human I would feel so blessed to spend a moment with, let alone a lifetime.
Felix: Edwina is elegantly beautiful and beautifully elegant, she is crazy in the best possible way, she's sophisticated, a lot of fun to hang out with, she's so optimistic and will always have the most positive perspective on things, I'm so appreciative of this, it's so rare. I didn't think and still don't think I deserved someone like her.

What's your most ridiculous/funniest memory as a couple? 
Edwina: We laugh so much together which is crazily important to love and life. So I can't really pinpoint one moment in particular but rather a consistent series of ridiculous moments. 
Felix: We have so much fun, and we make fun of each other in a loving way, we're very conscious of each other's little funny ways. I think a regular moment is our dance battles...

Who decorates? And who has the final say? 
Edwina: Felix has an amazing eye in terms of furniture and interiors and is the boss at the end of the day. However, together we have created our own interior style - ours is very tonal and textural as we're both very aesthetically driven, tactile people. Lots of whites and woods with accents of black which make our home cosy and inviting without being overtly modern. 
Felix: I'm lucky enough to work with so many talented interior/furniture designers and architects so I get exposed to so much beautiful work. In the midst of it all Edwina and I have our own aesthetic; she has softened my interior look, so it's a nice mix. We're on the same page in terms of colour palette and textiles and there's a bit of negotiation in regards to furniture but... she's right... I'm the boss! 

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Felix: What's your favourite outfit or look on her? 
I love her in black jeans, with a heel (I'm the shoes, bags, jumpers and accessories sponsor), an Aje top with a slightly oversized jumper and one of her Aje leather jackets. In the evening, I love her in an Aje dress or skirt with Saint Laurent heels, they are the best shape by far. I generally melt in winter when she wears black jeans or a black skirt with black tights, I just love seeing her blonde hair on black and her skinny pins, it's so sexy! In summer, I love when she wears some of her lace/embroidered white dresses with a tan. I don't like make up so Eddi's always very natural except when she does an interview and I'm not around... 

Edwina: What's your favourite outfit on him? 
When we shop, we try to buy each other items so many of our favourite pieces are a gift from the other. I bought him a Saint Laurent leather jacket for Christmas in Paris two years ago - we spent three days looking for the perfect one and it looks just perfect on him - tough yet so chic. With a black tee, black jeans, black RM Gardner boots and Thierry Lasry sunglasses. It's his everyday look and it suits him so much. He also has an amazing deconstructed black Balenciaga blazer with flat matte black buttons that we bought together in Florence - it's so effortlessly elegant and cool - I die when he wears it.

Photography:  Jake Terrey; Hair and make-up: Lei Tei (both Vivien's Creative). 

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