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We spend a carefree day at the beach with fun-loving online beauty entrepreneur Chloé Brinklow and her equally digi-savvy beau Troy Pitman

Like another one of our Buro loves love couples, Chloé and Troy's romance evolved after a spot of social media stalking (the culprit: Instagram). But it didn't take long for these two Sydney based cuties to bond over a shared love of the beach, backyard picnics and travel. While Chloé's background in beauty gives her the perfect credentials to launch her own website (TOMBOY Beauty, on February 8), Troy's role as project manager for surfing site Coastal Watch means he's well placed to understand the digital realm. And as if that wasn't enough, this giggling pair are as laid-back as each other - save for for the occasional Jiu Jitsu attack... Here, they share favourite dates, relationship secrets and why they'll be spending Valentine's Day apart.

How did you two meet? Who approached whom?
Chloé: We met at a friend's wedding. The details are a little hazy but there was dancing involved.
Troy: After some social media stalking and banter, I asked her on a date.  
Chloé: He added me on Instagram and asked for my number and we've basically been together ever since.

How long have you been together?
Chloé: Almost two years.

How will you spend Valentine's Day together?
Chloé: It's not really a big deal for us. We love celebrating our birthdays and Christmas, and each other's achievements. This year we actually won't be together. 
Troy: Chloé has done something really romantic this year, she's sending me to LA to visit friends for two weeks, just so she can have a relaxing break.
Chloé: I booked him a ticket for his birthday and didn't think about the timing! Either I'm a terrible girlfriend, or the greatest.

Have you ever had a terrible date night? What happened?
Chloé: We're both really relaxed and don't put too much pressure on dates, if something bad happens we try and laugh about it. But I can tell you about my favourite ever date night... Troy transformed our entire backyard into an alfresco cinema. We watched Friday Night Lights under the stars. It was the perfect mix of chill and romance.
Troy: No. But one night very early on in our relationship, we went to the local pub to watch the NRL grand final and an extremely drunk guy (who I know and like to avoid, for good reason) kept approaching and harassing Chloé. A few days prior I was showing Chloé a few Jiu Jitsu moves for her own self-defence, and she decided to use one on him in front of a few hundred people and my mum. I was equal parts mortified and impressed.

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Describe your ideal Valentine's Day.
Chloé: A picnic on the beach with cheese and wine. And a night swim.
Troy: Probably a sneaky little picnic on the beach somewhere.

What was it that attracted you to each other?
Troy: Chloé's confidence.
Chloé: Troy had really good chat. I loved how effortless it was to be around him, even in the very beginning.

Chloé, what do you love about Troy? List five qualities.
1. Troy has the most incredible energy, I always want to be around him.
2. He has the best heart and a lot of love to give. He is really family-orientated and has lots of life-long friends, which I think says a lot about a person.
3. He's unwavering in his support of me and my ambitions.
4. He makes me laugh hysterically on a daily basis.
5. He's tall, dark and handsome. And has the best hair.

Troy, what do you love about Chloé?
1. Her caring nature. 
2. Her drive.
3. Her smile.
4. Her love for her family. 
5. Her willingess to help anybody out. Without expecting anything in return.

What's your most ridiculous/funniest memory as a couple?
Chloé: We've recently discovered the fast forward voice function on Snapchat, you know the one that makes you sound like a chipmunk? We record hit songs (most recently Hello, by Adele) and play them back over and over. It makes us laugh a lot.
Troy: Probably the time we were in Israel and I was convinced we were being TAKEN by our cab driver. We'd just landed after a really long flight, and we were going in the complete opposite direction to where my maps was saying to go. Chloé was chatting away with him as per usual, completely unaware that I was conjuring an exit plan. Turns out he was taking a short cut, and I was anxious over nothing. When I told Chlo my fears she was completely unaware. She hasn't let me live it down.

Troy, what's your favourite outfit on her?
Chloé rocks a really good tomboy style - I love her in blue jeans and T-shirt.

Chloé, what's your favourite outfit on him?
I love Troy's style, it's super laid-back but still put together. A white tee, chinos and his hair slicked back.

Lastly, did you have a favourite piece from the Swarovski collection (hint hint)?
Chloé: I love fine jewellery, so the stacked Alpha Ring is great.

Photography: Michael Naumoff @ Vivien's Creative 

Chloé wears jewellery from Swarovski's Valentine's Day collection #sharethelove

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