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They might have totally different day jobs, but a quick glance at this shoot and you'll see why pro snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin and girlfriend Ellidy Vlug are a match made in beachside heaven

Alex Pullin and Ellidy Vlug have surfer Laura Enever to thank for their union. After bumping into each other on and off around Sydney's Northern Beaches, the pair finally got it together - via the dance floor - at one of Laura's parties. With four blissful years of long distance love to boast of, this chilled out couple share the secrets to their enviable relationship - decked out in the latest Gucci, Tudor and Dolce & Gabbana, naturally.

How did you guys meet?
We've known each other for maybe 10 years - just through friends. At Laura Enever's party one night we walked off and it all happened from there.
Alex: I think that's why it was cool. We just started talking after meeting there and I called her out for a dance. Heaps old school! Dragged her out on the dance floor.
Ellidy: That was about four years ago now.

Who approached whom?
I think we were a little bit drunk and started chatting. I don't think it was one sided at all. Chumpy reckons he was trying a few months beforehand but I didn't really know that...
Everything just sort of clicked. We're actually quite different.

How so?
There's a lot of similarities, but my life is pretty different. I've always been able to move around and El's always been based in this area. I think we're both [teaching] each other little things without even realising. For me personally, with El, it's really nice to be able to break things down, and focus on the simple things. Doing what I do it's really easy to get caught up in trying to hone in on every detail.

I probably overprepare, whereas El's totally the opposite. For instance, we'll play mini golf. I'll walk up, look at the hole, put my ball in where I think. She drops the ball, and practically hits it while it's still bouncing, and she'll sink the hole in one. I'll probably get close, but sometimes thinking is the enemy. Just let it be.

Having such different day jobs, how does that work?
It's so weird. I'm in events management for IT training. I've only been doing it for about six months now. I finished a commerce degree last year. When he's home it's like his holiday, he's not working. He's usually at home sitting on the couch 9 to 5 while I'm in the office and it's really hard. He's only really home half the year.
Alex: I speak to other people on tour and a lot of them find that really tricky - maintaining relationships when I'm [away] upwards of a month and a half or two months. But El's really good. She's just like yeah, that's what it is. It's fine. I love the simplicity of that, and not overthinking it. Today it's fine, and we'll see what tomorrow's like. Nothing ever seems too hard. It's what we want.
When he's away I just get busy. I work really hard and make sure I'm always busy and the time flies. We're good at long distance, I suppose. We talk constantly. We're both so used to it and we're both really independent. I kind of enjoy my space as well.
[Coming home] is a nice sense of reality. When we're back here we're just two people that love hanging out with each other. That's simple and awesome.

Alex, do you talk about snowboarding and competing with Ellidy?
Alex: When we first met, El didn't even know who I was, or what I was doing. That season was funny, because that was my second world title year. I actually think that had a huge part of it - I was on such a high and really happy. She was like, "So where are you going? What are you doing again? You just snowboard every day?" Then I won the world. It was on the news. Then it sort of clicked. That was when we were only a few months together. She's like. "I just watched you on the news. This is a big deal."

When we're back here we're just two people that love hanging out with each other. That's simple and awesome

Ellidy, what was your first impression of Alex?
I didn't think he'd be as cool and chill. I thought he was a snowboarder and a bit hectic. I don't know. He was just very different to what I thought he would be.

Do you snowboard?
I don't snowboard but I ski.

Has Alex tried to teach you?
I want him to. I tried when I was little and it's so hard and I hated it. Every time we get a holiday together the last place he wants to go is to the snow to teach me, so we end up just going on a summer holiday which I would prefer because I don't really like the cold that much!

What are your most annoying habits?
We both tend to leave our clothes lying around. The house is really clean but sometimes we'll just leave our clothes covering a whole couch.
I'm pretty good at doing some things at home, but I can't go to the supermarket by myself. It's not fun. I way prefer going with El, because when we're there together we both feed off of each other. I think she does wish that I'd do that by myself more often. It's only because I enjoy going with her more!

What are your favourite qualities about each other?
We're into the same stuff. We can just grab my Dad or my brother and we all go out surfing with our Mal boards or long boards, go climb Barrenjoey Lighthouse or just chill at the beach. We can just go and do fun adventure stuff. It's probably my favourite thing about us. If you didn't have that, what would you do together? Alex also breaks out in song and dance all the time. He has an electric guitar and a couple of acoustic guitars which he'll just randomly rock out and start singing at the top of his lungs and dancing like crazy. It's really fun to watch.
Just that she's happy all the time. It doesn't matter what's going on, her ability to just wake up, smile, laugh, have a good time... it's her energy. It just boils away inside of her. El wakes up happy, so it really puts me in a good place.

What do you like to see each other wear? Do you influence each other's style?
I made him grow his hair long. He's like, "Long hair gets so knotty." I know this, I'm a girl! He complains about it every day and spends so long in the morning trying to brush it... but I do secretly love it. Style wise, he pretty much always  wears jeans and a long T-shirt but I'm really digging what he's wearing right now. A tighter top. It's pretty cool. I really like it when he wears big heavy boots like Timberlands or Dr. Martens - there's something really manly about it.
Most guys will tell you chicks look good in a bikini, but El really does. That's my favourite. Of course when we go out, I like when she gets dressed up. She looks absolutely stunning. I think the coolest part about El is even if we just go for coffee she will chuck a shirt, and a pair of shorts. I'm just like, 'Wow'. Every time.

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