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Photographer Mason Poole turns his talents to Australian accessories brand, Lucy Folk

Even if you don't recognise his name, you've certainly seen - and no doubt been an admirer of - Mason Poole's work. Whether it was his intimate imagery of Jay Z and Beyonce for their On The Run tour for which he was the official photographer, the iconic Interview Germany cover featuring Mrs Carter in a net balaclava or his moody, cinematic fashion editorials for L'Officiel and Jalouse, you're sure to have seen an image of his that has moved you.

Collaborating with Australian Lucy Folk for her Naturalist collection, Poole shot British model Matilda Lowther in the Spanish island of Formentera in a series of louche, seductive imagery. Here, the photographer talks creativity, charity and Beyonce's camera skills.

Beyonce's official photographer on his new campaign for an Australian brand (фото 1)

What was your creative approach for the shoot?    
We had a few days in Formentera before shooting to soak in the sun and landscape on our own, so we really let that drive the shoot, hence the Naturalist theme.  It's a beautiful island with a bit of an old-school hippie feel, and it seems like every beach you go to people of all ages and sizes are swimming and hanging out naked.  So we decided just to go with that vibe and just use pieces of cloth in various arrangements for the styling.  

How did you decide upon working with Matilda Lowther?
She has a very pure, classical look that I think evoked the feeling of a traveller discovering an empty beach.  And, fortunately, she was very fun and relaxed to work with.  It was literally a day at the beach.  

What has been your most surreal moment professionally? 
It was quite surreal standing just a few rows behind President Obama during his inauguration, and also a proud  moment.  But I'm quite proud of the work I've done with organizations like Direct Relief documenting food and medicine deliveries to disaster zones such as Haiti.  That work puts everything into perspective.  

You've worked extensively with Beyonce, do you find there is a similarity between actresses and musicians when they are in front of the camera or do they approach the shoot differently? 
I couldn't really generalize the two, everybody's different.  I find actors often like being given a character during a shoot, whereas musicians tend to stick to their own personality.  Some of my favorite actors and musicians have been quite shy in front of the camera, but with someone like Beyoncé it's a very easy and natural process.  She has such a strong command of her image and personality, which makes my job easy.

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Beyonce's official photographer on his new campaign for an Australian brand (фото 2)

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