An Australian stylist in London: Maya Zepinic

An Australian stylist in London: Maya Zepinic

Fashion's best-kept secret

Text: Yeong Sassall

Image: Maya Zepinic

Her work has appeared in British Vogue, Porter, The Edit and Russh - stylist Maya Zepinic shares the secrets to her stellar career

How long have you been in London?  Did you always intend to end up there?

I never intended to stay at all! I went travelling and ran out of money so came to London to work for six months before going back to Sydney... Eight years later and I'm still here.

Were you into fashion growing up?

Not so much. I don't think I really knew it was as a job. I liked clothes, but I was a tomboy and wore trousers or jeans all the time - I still do! As a teenager I was not that aware of 'fashion', I was more into music, art and pop culture.

What did you study?

I studied Fashion Design and got a Masters in Journalist later on. I wanted to be a fashion designer, until I realised you had to master the art of pattern-making which I was terrible at! 

What's your career history? 

I did work experience in the fashion department of a magazine and six months later (after doing a lot of returns, coffee runs and steaming clothes) I got a job as a fashion coordinator. Working with the amazing Rachel Wayman gave me glimpse into the world of a stylist and I left Australia for London in early 2007.

By luck, I got a work placement at British Vogue, but London was totally different to Sydney. I had to start all over again - everything I knew I had to re learn! I stayed at Vogue as a freelancer assisting Charlotte Pilcher and a few other stylists, then got a dream job assisting British Vogue Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers. I stayed with her until I was promoted to Fashion Sittings Editor and then I became Fashion Editor at Porter magazine and now I freelance. 

What's the most inspiring team you've worked with?

Working with Lucinda Chambers and the Vogue team was incredible. It taught me so much about the fashion world, the creative process and the way to look at every aspect of the image, the clothes and all the details. Some of the shoots I assisted Lucinda on are still the most incredible shoots I have ever been a part of - and super fun! 

What's your most memorable shoot?

It's impossible to pick one. Each one has its own special story, or its own set of disasters! There were hurricanes, snakes, missing luggage, missing photographers, being stranded on a tiny  islands... each one is part of my career and I could never forget it.

Who would be your ultimate client dead or alive?

Hmm...probably Michael Jackson - his wardrobe would be incredible!