Your (hilarious) illustrated guide to Fashion Week

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Happy New York Fashion Week! To celebrate, we've got an illustrated guide to the personalities you'll meet on the streets and on the runways

Fashion Week, or fashion month, is not for the faint of heart. Filled with larger-than-life personalities and even bigger egos, it's a month of multiple outfit changes, feverish Snapping and Insta-stalking and general madness. And even though it's also a month of finding out what the next big trends will be, everyone knows that the front row guests and backstage dramas are just as fascinating as what's being shown on the runway.

With that in mind, e-tailer Stylebop has recruited fashion illustrator Julie Houts to create a gloriously real-to-life compendium of fashion's most fabulous and downtrodden characters. From PR girls on the verge of nervous breakdowns to fashion's finest peacocks and serious journos, take a tour through fashion month in the gallery above and stay tuned for NYFW recaps.

Your (hilarious) illustrated guide to Fashion Week (фото 1)

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