You need to watch this fashion mockumentary by Rankin

You need to watch this fashion mockumentary by Rankin

It's called fashion, look it up.

Text: Noelle Faulkner

Chanel, tantrums, selfies and status anxiety, this fashion mockumentary is worth its weight in laughs

Proving that not all fashion films need to be serious, legendary fashion photographer, fashion filmmaker and founder of Hunger magazine, Rankin has created a hilarious mockumentary poking fun at both himself and the fashion industry.

The film, "Le Chaise Ironiqe", sees the photographer play up his dry, British humour as a sunglass-wearing, diva-esque version of himself. Throughout the film Rankin nails the fashion creative stereotype: struggling with his own status, throwing tantrums at how long he waits for the makeup and hair crew (what he calls the "glam prison"), yelling at his assistant and producer and subjecting his model to a hilarious editorial photoshoot involving his latest muse: chairs.

You need to watch this fashion mockumentary by Rankin (фото 1)

"Fashion is cyclical and the chair is a buoy in the ever changing choppy waters of style, that shift and change like the tide," he says, tongue firmly in cheek. "It is the vacuum of calm in the middle of a twister of haute couture. All around it, as fashion ebbs and flows as fleetingly as a field of barley in the wind, the chair stands steadfast and tall." He continues, very Patsy Stone-like (as Hunger points out). "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And the chair is the first glint of a new day, the speck of the sun on a distant horizon. A sign of hope," Rankin continues. "A chair doesn't judge us. It is the ultimate comfort and support. It doesn't abandon us or make us feel lonely. It cups our buttocks and lets us know everything is going to be okay."

For anyone involved in fashion, the satirical film borders on many, many truths. Watch hilarious clip below.

'La Chaise Ironique' directed by Rankin from RankinFilm on Vimeo.

via Hunger

You need to watch this fashion mockumentary by Rankin (фото 2)


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