Wino Forever: 18 era-defining Winona Ryder moments

Wino Forever: 18 era-defining Winona Ryder moments

Our 90s crush

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It's time to get a bit nostalgic over the star of Marc Jacobs’ latest campaign

If you were a girl or teenager growing up in the grungy, minimalist epoch of the '90s, it would be fair say to you harboured a major girl crush on Winona Ryder. The actress, who was once engaged to Johnny Depp and famously inspired his 'Winona Forever' tatt (later changed to Wino Forever) first came to the attention of Hollywood in the late '80s after appearances in a couple of now-cult films - Heathers and Beetlejuice. The original outsider, Ryder's liberal upbringing included a stint on a Californian commune and lent her the perfect amount of teen angst to draw upon when playing key coming-of-age roles like Charlotte in Mermaids and Kim in Edward Scissorhands.

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While Ryder's delicate elfin beauty, punctuated by those startlingly large brown eyes, gave her the requisite star presence on screen, it was her grungy off-duty style and pixie crop that we'll forever remember her for. Playing the unforgettable role of Lelaina in the era-defining Reality Bites, it was her wardrobe of baggy 501's, oversized tees, floral frocks and "you look like a doily" dress that had every '90s girl aching to be her. And even if her turn as a Marc Jacobs shoplifter in 2001granted her the kind of worldwide infamy that's hard to live down, at least she retained a sense of humour about it, starring in Jacobs' campaigns in 2003 and now, his latest A/W '15 campaign (along with a host of other amazing stars like Cher, Anthony Kiedis, Sofia Coppola and Willow Smith).

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After taking a break from major acting roles during the noughties, her return as a washed up ballet starlet in Black Swan hinted at the next chapter of Ryder's career. And now, with a role in an as-yet-unnamed supernatural Netflix series, we're wondering if 2015 might be the year of Winona's big comeback? 

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