Wild thing: is this the boldest fashion collab we’ve seen all year?

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A new collab between Aussie lifestyle label We Are Handsome and iconic brand Bugaboo promises to shake up the pram world

Forget weddings, buying property and graduating from uni - there are few experiences as life (and lifestyle) altering as having a baby. And while books and entire websites remain devoted to the topic of parenthood, when it comes to practicalities like, 'Which pram should I buy?', it's a little bit like buying a new handbag. Sure, there are opinions from friends and strangers online, but when you really boil it down - your choice comes down to personal style, function and quality.  

If you're in the market for a pram, we're betting you're already across Bugaboo's premium range of ergonomic, Dutch designed strollers. And we're also assuming you've already checked out the variety of colours and styles and wondered if you're a sunshine yellow Bee or a chic all-black Cameleon kind of Bugaboo mum. But if you're also after something even more unique and adventurous than just a bright pop of colour, keep reading. In an Australian first for the brand, Bugaboo has collaborated with Aussie design duo We Are Handsome to create a range of prams and accessories with free-spirited, fashion-forward mothers in mind.

Wild thing: is this the boldest fashion collab we’ve seen all year? (фото 1)

Boasting a daring jungle print and We Are Handsome signature - a tiger's head - the bold and audacious collection is designed for style-conscious mothers (like Lindy Klim, above) who appreciate striking design. "Our mum is confident, stylish, a trendsetter and an explorer," explains Jeremy and Katinka Somers of We Are Handsome. "She's not afraid to push the boundaries and channels just the right amount of tiger mum traits in raising her kids."

The collection is a natural extension of the distinctive lifestyle brand that We Are Handsome has cultivated since 2009. "We're at that age where everyone around us is having kids, and despite not having any of our own, we're really conscious of the need for quality products and great design for the children's market," says WAH. "We know Bugaboo well, and know our aesthetic fits perfectly with them and the design/style led mums that are their customers."

No stranger to collaborations, Bugaboo has previously partnered with brands like Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Diesel, and Viktor & Rolf, as well as the Van Gogh and Andy Warhol foundations; but this collection marks its first with an Australian fashion label. So when tasked with creating a design that felt uniquely We Are Handsome and somewhat local, WAH went straight back to the source. "We needed it to a perfect reflection of We Are Handsome, and instantly recognisable as our design, so the big cat was a must," they explain. "Designing the right one - that was not too childish for the parents and not too fierce for the kids - was a challenge, but we're thrilled with what we came up with."

Wild thing: is this the boldest fashion collab we’ve seen all year? (фото 2)

The final product - a mix of photography and illustration combined digitally - is undoubtedly We Are Handsome in both aesthetic and spirit. No wonder WAH's ideal Bugaboo customer is the Queen Bey and mother of twins herself, Beyoncé. "We would love to see Sir and Rumi exploring the world with our tiger in tow," says WAH. "Or other fabulously fierce women taking a stroll on the wild side, such as Lindy Klim, Behati Prinsloo and Mindy Kaling."

With Lindy Klim already ticked off that list and Beyoncé already a seasoned Bugaboo girl, we reckon there's a high chance they might just get their wish. So you better buy yours before the Beyoncé stampede starts...

Shop the limited-edition Bugaboo by We Are Handsome range from November at select retailers and at Prices start from $124.95

This sponsored content was brought to you by Bugaboo.

Wild thing: is this the boldest fashion collab we’ve seen all year? (фото 3)

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