Why we #lovenotlike Tiffany’s new campaign

Starring supermodel Imaan Hammam

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Tiffany & Co launches their #LoveNotLike campaign with model Imaam Hammam

Not simply satisfied with having the most searched-for piece of jewellery in the world, (Google: Tiffany & Co engagement ring) the New York-founded, world-loved jewellers released a fresh take on the iconic heart motif earlier this year, reimagined in 18k white and rose gold and sterling silver that decorates necklaces, bracelets, chunky links and dainty chains stamped with the signature 'Please Return to Tiffany' and 'LOVE'.

Finally released is a fresh, playful campaign for the collection with a tongue-in-chic tagline, #LoveNotLike - a response to the social culture of 'like'. The campaign features stunning supermodel Imaan Hammam, whose signature head of spring curls have seen her featured in American and Paris Vogue (among others) as well as clock up some serious runway mileage across all four fashion capitals.

Alongside her, Australian model Fernanda Ly and Pyper America Smith bounce around the city of New York - in chic Tiffany jewellery, of course - in the house's short film.

Why we #lovenotlike Tiffany’s new campaign (фото 1)

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