Why the world is going crazy over #KenGi

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Not since Mossy and Naomi have we seen a supermodel friendship this, well, perfect

As flawless as their famous faces and as covetable as everything they wear, #KenGi is the ultimate in BFF pairings. If you've been living under a rock, #KenGi is the perpetually trending hashtag given to model mates Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid - a term they seem to have coined themselves. Jenner put it best in a tweet earlier this year: "Gigi is the Gi to my Ken," followed swiftly by "Gigi is the best girlfriend a KenGi could ask for." Awww.

Chart their social media and it seems their friendship flourished like most do - they met, they selfie-d, they became inseparable. Except in #KenGi's case, those experiences took place against a backdrop of Chanel shows, the Met Ball and Balmain campaigns. They even shared their first Victoria's Secret show together late last year. And they're taking us along for the whole fabulous ride, care of prolific social media postings across all their accounts. Above, you'll find the insider's look at the most famous friendship ever.

Why the world is going crazy over #KenGi (фото 1)

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