It's been two years since The Grand Budapest Hotel was released with another two years to wait for director Wes Anderson's next, as-yet untitled film. It's safe to say we are due for a fix.

With that in mind, fans of the director, listen up: All your Christmases have come early. The filmmaker has turned his signature whimsical, artistic, OCD-organised flair to a short film with H&M to celebrate the holiday season.

For his latest, Adrian Brody joins a cast of Christmas castaways for a predictably-quirky, pastel-hued, pan-shot-heavy tale on a train. Set in the candy-coloured interiors of the H&M Winter Express, manned by Conductor Ralph, (a moustachioed Adrian Brody) the four-minute short explores themes of love, care and Christmas, entitled  Come Together and doubles as an advertisement for H&M's winter collection.

In the film, Brody's Conductor Ralph is tasked with organising a "small, complimentary Christmas brunch including chocolate-flavoured hot beverage with whipped topping," once it is realised the train's arrival is delayed past December 25th. The rest is pure delight à la Anderson

Watch it here:

Wes Anderson directed a Christmas film for H&M and it is delightful