Video exclusive: Agent Provocateur's racy new lingerie campaign

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Shot by acclaimed filmmaker and former model Ellen Von Unwerth, this takes Agent Provocateur to new levels of lust

No woman's underwear drawer is complete without the signature powder pink and black lace confections that made luxury lingerie label Agent Provocateur so famous - and now their sexiest pieces just got sexier, starring in a highly risqué short film (maybe don't click play if you're watching from work).

Shot in the lush grounds of an old English manor in Von Unwerth's distinctive haute brat style, the campaign centres around two girls on a dirty (albeit completely luxurious) weekend away, wearing pieces from the revamped Classics collection. The film showcases iconic Agent Provocateur designs as well as three new styles added to the all-black Classics collection. Check out the film and read our exclusive interview with Von Unwerth below. 

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1. What was your approach to the concept of this campaign? 
The approach in the AW 2015 campaign was to show the most adventurous and sexy weekend getaway that you could imagine. We shot this story in this very luxury and inviting mansion with our two enchanting ladies.

2. Can you describe why you think your work fits well with the brand? 
Agent Provocateur and my idea and sense for secretly and hidden fantasy is just the perfect match. The whole collection is so inspiring and I love to shoot Agent Provocateur products since ever. It is one of the most thrilling underwear brands in the universe.  

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3. Which is your favourite picture from the campaign?   
I just love the image where we see one of our ladies running in the fields, disappearing, it has a great energy and secret in it. Also the one where the two ladies are having a little break in the car, it's very auspicious.

4. How did you come up with the concept for the campaign video? 
I wanted the observer to join us on the journey to the weekend with our ladies and have him following around us on this weekend getaway. 

5. How do you share creative freedom with Sarah Shotton? 
Sarah and I work very closely on the campaign ideas after reviewing the collection. Each time there are new pieces and surprises which make it exciting to come up with new scenarios. We create a story and work close on the casting of our talents as well. 

6.  What's your favourite item in the collection?
I love the whips!

Video exclusive: Agent Provocateur's racy new lingerie campaign (фото 1)

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