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'The Crown' actress has taken a leaf out of Princess Margaret's book, channelling off-duty royal style

We're the first to admit that we have an addiction to The Crown. If you're anything like us, you would have jumped onto Google after every episode to fact-check the scandals (did Prince Philip really have a ballerina mistress? Did Jackie Kennedy really say those things about the Queen?), and then of course compare side-by-sides of the real life royals to the actors who portray them.

Season two of The Crown saw Princess Margaret, played by Vanessa Kirby, emerge as a character favourite. Take a rebellious royal and dress her in chic silk scarves, pearl necklaces and woollen overcoats and you have yourself a certified style icon. Kirby has taken this style off-duty into her own personal life, channelling the Princess' rule defying attitude with an innate elegance so distinctive of royalty. Click through the gallery above for Vanessa Kirby's style file:

  • Vanessa Kirby: style file (фото 1)

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