Whether you're a luxuist, a leisureist or just suffer severe wanderlust, there is an idea of old-world exploration behind the Louis Vuitton personalised trunks that is unlike any other piece of luggage.

In the 19th century, Gaston-Louis Vuitton was the first man to make stackable trunks for travel. Until then, the norm was for the cases to have a curved lid (it helped the rain to slide off when they were transported by horse and coach), but with the golden age of transport and travel moving from carriage and coach to trains, ships and eventually, automobiles, a desire for practicality and functionality emerged - I mean, any seasoned suitcase stuffer knows, you can't play travel Tetris with a rounded shape. As the official packer for Empress Eugenie, Vuitton saw the need for a new design, and thus, the LV trunk as we know it was born.   

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Travelling in style: 5 of the coolest custom Louis Vuitton trunks ever made

Since their genesis, the Louis Vuitton Asnieres special  order workshop has made trunks for silverware, wine, sporting equipment, cigars, beauty and clothing (natch), as well as some of the more unique custom requests, like portable speakers, toys, live animals, charging stations, on-the-go gambling tables and, how could we all forget, the 2014 World Cup trophy case? 

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