Tiny street style stars: the most hilariously dressed children ever

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They've got more swag than you do, and a better wardrobe too

It's a crazy world when you feel compelled to take style cues from toddlers, but if Seoul Fashion Week has taught us one thing, it's this: the under sixes are dominating effortless street style (never mind the fact their parents probably flat-layed for hours to put together their looks).

Forget Osh Kosh and tutus - today's pint-sized fashionistas pair their aviators with Balmain sweaters and kids' size Stan Smiths. They carry takeaway coffee (babycinos, we assume) and own iPhones - or perhaps they borrow mum or dad's for the photo opp.

If you ever feel like getting lost in an Instagram vortex, @fashionkids is the place to start - yes, we're well acquainted with the North Wests, Blue Ivys, Harper Beckhams and Aila Wangs of the world, but Europe, Asia and America are teeming with ambitious, non-famous parents thrusting their fashion-forward offspring into the Insta-spotlight. Get to know the likes of @maks_model, a four-year-old Albanian boy with 235k followers (yes, really) and his Swiss rival, three-year-old @ardiklimenta (64.7k followers) in the gallery above - it's eye-opening to say the least. These are the real life versions of My Imaginary Well-dressed Toddler Daughter Quinoa (remember her?). And they all dress better than you do.

Tiny street style stars: the most hilariously dressed children ever (фото 1)

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