The social edit: Buro’s guide to a summer picnic

Text: Yeong Sassall

Revel in a romantic picnic for two with these stylish summer essentials

The formula for a perfect summer spread is pretty simple. A cheese platter, glass of pinot grigio for you, bottle of Peroni Leggera for him and one brightly patterned Missoni rug is all you need for one romantic afternoon. While summer calls for some serious shortcuts (we're totally cool with takeaway salads when the occasion demands), if you're skimping on food prep spend the extra time nailing your Insta-worthy outfit.

Bank on Italian designers like Fendi, Gucci and Valentino for flirty dresses, starry shades and espadrilles with extra embellishment - your vibe is Positano in July, as enjoyed by stylish celebs on holiday. Armed with these warm weather essentials, the only thing that could possibly ruin this date is Mother Nature herself. 

The social edit: Buro’s guide to a summer picnic (фото 1)

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