The secret lives of Burberry Beasts

The secret lives of Burberry Beasts

Uncover them here

Text: Yeong Sassall

Ever wonder what your pet is up to while you’re enjoying a pint at the pub or going for your morning walk?

We do too, so here's what we uncovered with our spy camera when night falls and the animal kingdom sheds its mask, forgets its stiff upper lip, and comes out to play - a predator missing the hunting gene, dramatic aquatic life with inconvenient aversions, and BFF bears in search of love. Introducing, the Burberry Beasts. 

Likes: Binge watching Finding Nemo, scuba divers, fishing for compliments
Dislikes: The weighing scale, slick men, wet willies
Allergies: Glass enclosures, sashimi and, ironically, all things water 

Names: Lily, Gregory and Richard
History: Best friends since high school
Likes: Lazy weekends, warm porridge, gossiping
Dislikes: Deforestation, little girls named Goldilocks, the American Black Bear

Likes: To be held close and tight, stalking his neighbours, staying up all night
Dislikes: Socialising, delivering post, people who don't give a hoot
Secret talent: Flipping the bird

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