The 50 most memorable festival outfits of all time

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From Kate Moss to Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and co., we celebrate all the celebs in festival fashion's hall of fame

With Falls Festival ticket sales kicking off last week, we're officially counting down the days until festival season starts. Hopefully you got in quick and scored tickets (Lorne and Byron Bay are now sold out), but don't stress: there's plenty more festivals to go round. If the thought of listening to your favourite acts under a balmy summer sky didn't get you in the mood, here's something that will:

Thanks to the onslaught of three-day festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury and Splendour and the healthy celebrity attendance they attract, festival fashion has developed into a beast unto itself. Yes, there's really no other place on earth where you'll see so many flower crowns, tasselled crossbody bags, denim cutoffs and Chelsea boots in one hit - but let's be real here - there's a reason those items have become festival staples.

But it you really want to place the blame somewhere - you have to look at the celebrities who started the whole festival fashion game. In the gallery above, we take a look at the most stylish trendsetters who girls are still coping today, such as the queen of shambolic high-fashion rock 'n' roll (Kate Moss), the woman who wears denim shorts like no other (Alexa Chung) or the blonde who nails California boho Every. Single. Time (Kate Bosworth). Make no mistake, even if you'd never wear these looks outside of a muddy campsite, there's an art to festival dressing and these girls have it.  Watch and learn.

The 50 most memorable festival outfits of all time (фото 1)

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