Stella McCartney debuts a freaky new fashion film

Stella McCartney debuts a freaky new fashion film

Be afraid

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The British designer collaborates with artist Philippa Price to creepy result

Trust Stella McCartney to come up with her own fashion sub-genre: Creepy Chic.

Philippa Price directs the Nevada Desert-based film entitled The Uncanny Valley starring a girl (model Megan Nison) and a sometimes cross-dressing boy (Price's partner Bradley Soileau), decked out in pseudo-clown make-up and head-to-toe McCartney women's resort and inaugural men's collections.

The pair slink around harlequin-wallpapered rooms that flash with neon lights, remote desertscapes, graveyards, abandoned cars and the infamous Clown Hotel to the sinister soundtrack of childrens lullaby's and a 60s PSA voice-over on atomic bombs that speaks to the location of the film.

Known for her collaborations with American Vogue, Drake, Rihanna, Pharrell and alternative artist Brooke Candy, Price's use of exaggerated, sped-up sound-effects cut between eerie retro advertising alongside her signature highly-saturated mis-en-scenes only adds to the feeling of unease. The film is the first in a series of short films from the British house called '#StellaBy', in which the brand collaborates with artists and creatives to put their spin on recent collections.

Though undoubtedly cinematic and intriguing, The Uncanny Valley is not a place we'd ever care to visit. Well, unless there was a Stella McCartney store there.

Stella McCartney debuts a freaky new fashion film (фото 1)

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