From boho babe to style star: the evolution of Sienna Miller's look

What a journey

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Her parade of chic dresses may have won the red carpet at Cannes, but we remember a time when Sienna danced to a a different tune...

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Let's get one thing straight - there aren't many terrible photos of Sienna Miller floating about. Sure, there are some regrettable outfit choices - most notably when Miller was at the height of her mid-noughties boho phase (pink princess gown and headband, anyone?) - but all in all, when you take the confusion of millenium fashion into consideration, the actress' outfits are simply a by-product of the era.

In fact, ever since she catapulted to fame off the back of a couple of hit British films (Layer Cake and Alfie) and on the arm of Jude Law, Sienna has held a special spot in our hearts. While we're pretty stoked she's put the drop-waisted maxis, cowboots boots and low-slung belts in storage - you've got to give an It-girl credit for launching a thousand copycat looks. Thankfully, after dabbling in fashion label Twenty8Twelve with her sister Savannah, the hippie moment evolved and today we meet a more credible and enviable style icon. 

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While you could never really write the gorgeous girl off for her fashion choices, motherhood and a second-wind career resurrection seem to have done wonders. From boho pin up to sharp-silhouetted style icon - Sienna Miller's fashion evolution isn't complete - it just keeps getting better and better.

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