Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng? 16 celeb matches that confused the world

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From the strange to the hilarious head scratchers - we pick the 16 strangest celeb couples of all time

Update: The world now has a brand new coupling to marvel at - and it's even weirder than Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette (yes, that happened - see above). According to reports that first surfaced on US Weekly overnight, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Rupert Murdoch's ex, Wendi Deng, are an item. Yes, really.

Apparently, there have been whispers among certain circles about Putin and Deng for years - the Kremlin confirmed Putin's divorce from his wife Lyudmila Putina, with whom he has two daughters, in April 2014, while Deng divorced from Murdoch in 2013 amid rumours she'd had a fling with another world leader, then British PM Tony Blair (which his camp firmly denied). Now, a 'source' has confirmed Putin and Deng's relationship, although the pair is yet to be sighted together in public. They also share a mutual friend, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, whose superyacht Deng was spotted boarding this week. Was Putin waiting below deck?

So, is this for real, or a totally left-of-centre April Fool's prank? We're putting our money on the former - you couldn't make this stuff up. Read on for our analysis of the rest of the world's strangest celebrity hook-ups.

Original story: Over in La La Land some of the guys and gals looking for love play out their hands so perfectly it couldn't have been scripted better (and in many cases, we're pretty sure it wasn't written into the stars, but a contract - Pattinson and Stewart, we're looking at you). Who doesn't think Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are a match made in genetically blessed heaven? Or Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively? So ridiculously good looking it would be unfair to a mere mortal's eyes and ego to get in on that. Or the ultimate in A-list perfection, Brangelina? Hell, they even warrant the coolest moniker in Tinseltown, a sure sign of a rock solid relationship.

And then there are those celeb couplings whose flames may burn bright for each other, but leave the rest of the world reeling in horror/abject fascination. Did anyone (including the couple in question) understand Madonna and Vanilla Ice? They dated back in the '90s and even 20 years on we're still trying to decipher the why or how this amorous amalgamation occurred. Katy Perry is another star that we scratch our heads over her suitor selection, because, come on - from Russell Brand to John Mayer? She may be a teenage dream but she seems to exclusively hook up with dudes who own the commitment-phobe nightmare space. How about Billy-Bob and Angelina? Sealing their fate in blood was the least surprising thing about this mismatched pair...

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