Natural selection: a goldmine of Gucci watches and jewellery

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From stunning timepieces to objets d'arts, we showcase the best of Gucci's fine jewellery and watches collections

There's a fine line balance between heritage and staying relevant in multi-platform, hyper-connected 2017, but Gucci's creations under Creative Director Alessandro Michele straddle the divide between past and present perfectly. While the inarguable abundance of Gucci symbols in street style circles speaks for itself, Gucci's latest watch and fine jewellery collections suggest a brand still very much at its creative peak.

The Italian luxury house has long prided itself on its carefully honed craftsmanship and this precise attention to detail extends to even the smallest, but no less precious Gucci pieces. From jewels one would hope to uncover in an ancient treasure chest to timepieces spun with tiny, irreverent details, we've chosen to shoot key pieces from the GG Running, Le Marché des Merveilles and G-Timeless collections in a way that exhibits the true power of Gucci's collections.  

Rendered in 18kt yellow gold and mixed back with sterling silver and precious stones like diamonds, pearls, ruby, topaz, amethyst and spinel; we love how the jewellery follows a slightly feline motif. Tiger's heads twinkle on rings and bracelets, while the vintage GG logo appears across earrings and necklaces in a collection that is strong, brilliant and emboldened by the Gucci spirit.

Similarly, the watches taken from the G-Timeless and Le Marché des Merveilles collections feature esoteric extras like bees, stars and planets, plus dials made of dreamy, old-world materials like turquoise and mother of pearl. Chic and timeless, the watches boast leather bands in an array of colourways designed to complement the playful and eclectic spirit of the ready-to-wear collections.

Click through the gallery above to see Gucci watches and jewelleries most recent curiosities in all their natural splendour.  

Gucci watches and jewellery are available in Gucci boutiques and at

Styling: Brad Homes 
Photography: Michael Naumoff @ Vivien's Creative 

Natural selection:  a goldmine of Gucci watches and jewellery (фото 1)

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