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13 year-old Millie Bobby Brown is a fashionista in the making

PSA: why are teenagers no longer going through that 'awkward phase'? Where are the over-plucked eyebrows and unflattering jeans? It's a rite of passage that today's teens are missing out on and we feel attention should be brought to the matter. One such who has passed-GO on the 'awkward teen phase' is perpetually-cool-girl Millie Bobby Brown, who with a name like that was practically destined for stardom. Throughout her press tour for season 2, the Stranger Things starlet has cemented herself has one-to-watch on the style stakes. At only 13 years-old, Brown dresses refreshingly considered her age, but with fun inclusions of 90s shades and colourful mules, there is no denying the presence of style.

Click through the gallery above to track Millie Bobby Brown's style file. 

Millie Bobby Brown: style file (фото 1)

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