MILFs: the 30 sexiest mums on the planet

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Turns out Fergie was on the money when she sang about MILFS last year...

In fact, Fergie could have been singing about herself, her Hollywood friends and their ability to make every moment of motherhood look both disarmingly sexy and Instagram-worthy easy. Of course, looking amazing with kids in tow is certainly a lot easier when you're filthy rich and born naturally beautiful, right? Nevertheless, these celebs make a case for the power of motherhood, lending us to question what their secret is. After all, it's no small coincidence that Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Miranda Kerr have only enjoyed more success since giving birth.

And even if they make motherhood look scarily too easy, it's refreshing to see women becoming mothers without automatically losing their innate ability to seduce. In the gallery above you'll found all manner of powerhouse ladies who have held on to their desirability while managing to conquer their chosen fields and start a family. No wonder they called them MILFS. (And to think we have Stifler's mum to thank for that.)

MILFs: the 30 sexiest mums on the planet (фото 1)

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