Look out Selena, Zendaya is coming for your crown

Text: Lucie Clark

If entry onto the A-list is via a lead in a comic book movie adaptation then Zendaya's casting in Spider-Man: Homecoming has put her on the list. Just who is this girl on the rise?

With a roll call of Hollywood's leading ladies having played tortured super hero Spider-Man's love interest (Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard), Zendaya's casting as the first non-caucasian actress in the 2017 reboot of the film franchise elevates this Disney alum directly into the upper ranks of Tinseltown.  And yet, apart from the fact that she clocks a tidy 31 million followers on Instagram, this quadruple threat has flown relatively under the radar with a zero score on the scandal scale - her peers should take note.

This poised brunette sings, dances, acts and writes, with her current day job seeing her starring on Disney Channel's flagship K.C. Undercover as a high school student training to become an undercover spy. In 2013 she released a self-title debut album, with her single "Replay" going Platinum and the video going viral (it garnered 99 million views). And when she's not singing or acting up a storm the 19-year-old powerhouse is also busy claiming the award for best-in-style: Zendaya scored her career break as a fashion model booking jobs for iconic US labels Macy's and Old Navy, and she hasn't put a sartorial step wrong since. She's even made a slew of guest appearances on E! Entertainment's high church of fashion commentary, Fashion Police, proving she's the real deal.

Scroll through for 31 reasons to love this star on the rise.

Look out Selena, Zendaya is coming for your crown (фото 1)


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