Kendall versus Kim: which Kardashian rules them all?

Kendall versus Kim: which Kardashian rules them all?

The ultimate rivalry

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Kimmy K was always the queen - but has her younger sister finally taken the crown?

Yes, she's bagged Kanye, a Vogue cover and once she broke the internet - there's no denying Kim Kardashian's extraordinary influence. One of the first to be famous simply for being famous, Kardashian harnessed social media to extend her power before any of the fashion bloggers cottoned on: she wore it, we bought it. She contoured, we contoured. She even did the impossible and made booty implants a thing.

But has the world finally tired of her larger-than-life allure and found a new shiny pretty thing to ogle at? Little sister Kendall Jenner has been quick to shake off her Kardashian ties (don't mention that reality TV show), emerging as a classic beauty with serious sartorial cred. Check out their battle of the selfies, celebrity friends and commercial coups below: 

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While it took Kimmy years to be embraced by the fashion world, Kendall fitted right in. Kim might have Kanye draped over one arm, but Kendall has Karl Lagerfeld - not to mention a crowd of model friends and a massive Estee Lauder contract - the beauty empire even created a new lipstick in her honour. Where Kim has a selfie book (yep - Selfish, in case you missed it), Kendall has a Topshop collection. Kim fronted an energy drink campaign; Kendall closed last night's Chanel Couture show. The only arena Kim could be said to dominate (and admittedly, it's an important one) is politics - she surprised the world when she recently penned a short essay for TIME magazine calling for Turkey and Barack Obama to acknowledge the Armenian genocide that occurred 100 years ago.

But if there's one way to decide which sis wins, it's this: Instagram followers. At the time of writing, Kim still has the crown, with 38 million followers to Kendall's 30. But no-one knows better than Kim how swiftly social media can change, and if we were her, we'd be worried.  

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