What’s the one accessory Kendall Jenner refuses to give up?

Text: Yeong Sassall

Unfortunately, there are some accessories money just can't buy. Luckily, if you're Kendall Jenner your perfectly flat, gym-honed stomach is one that comes in handy - a lot

Correct us if we're wrong, but we're pretty sure the speedy rise of Kendall Jenner - millennial model extraordinaire - can be directly attributed to the surge in popularity of the exposed midriff trend. Because judging from the 50 images above, the girl never met a crop she didn't want to own.

From scrunched up tees to ab-baring bandeau, bustier and bikini tops - Kendall is arguably the poster child for the peek-a-boo stomach selfie. And while we can't fault her for flaunting what is arguably her best physical asset, we're wondering if it's time to put those washboardabs away - at least until the next '90s trend comes ambling along. Sure, a bit of tummy shows off Kendall's lithe hourglass frame, but when you're a model, aren't you supposed to show a bit of range?

Click through the gallery above to see what we mean. 

What’s the one accessory Kendall Jenner refuses to give up? (фото 1)

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