Naughty Kate: 7 reasons she's the reigning queen of cool

Naughty Kate: 7 reasons she's the reigning queen of cool

A Kate Moss retrospective

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Model and occasional mayhem maker, Kate Moss proves she’s anything but a ‘basic bitch’

By now you've probably heard all the hoopla about the inimitable Kate Moss being escorted off an EasyJet flight from Bodrum, Turkey to London's Luton airport. Fresh off a week of detoxing in a sort of celebration of close pal Sadie Frost's 50th birthday, it's been reported that Mossy was disruptive on the flight and was met by police at the airport upon landing.

While many wondered what a former Chanel model was even doing on a budget carrier like EasyJet, we're curious as to what Moss did that was so offensive. One passenger noted she was refused alcohol by cabin crew but was seen swigging her bottle of duty free vodka on the flight. Apparently, she also called the pilot a 'basic bitch' as she was led off the plane, but it seems like everything she did prior to that - wasn't that bad. "She was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the EasyJet crew was acting out of proportion," told the passenger to the Daily Mail.

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It's not the first time Miss Moss has been in trouble for her hard partying ways (the Cocaine Kate scandal in 2005 cost her some plum advertising gigs), but truth be told, the model's antics haven't changed much in the past 20 years. As the reigning queen of cool - complete with a perma cigarette in hand - we thought we'd have a quick look back at her best moments. From her relationship with Johnny Depp to her (regrettable) time spent on the arm of rocker Pete Doherty - Kate hasn't pretended to be anything other than a drink-loving model. And that's precisely why we love her.

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