Karlie Kloss shares 25 things she’s learned in 25 years

Karlie Kloss shares 25 things she’s learned in 25 years

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“Don’t panic about getting older, because we’re all getting older at the same pace. So embrace it!”

To celebrate her 25th year of bestowing her beauty to the world, Karlie Kloss has posted a video to her YouTube channel detailing 25 things she has learned in 25 years. The American beauty has a resume that aspiring models could only dream of, featured across countless Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers all over the world, starring in campaigns for Chloe, Dior, Alexander McQueen, YSL to name only a handful and in 2011 was plucked by lingerie giant, Victoria's Secret, catapulting her to supermodel status.

While we know she can walk down a runway balancing a monstrous pair of angel wings and take the perfect selfie, The Victoria's Secret model has also foundered her own computer programming scholarship 'Kode with Klossy' for young girls interested in computer science and software engineering.  

Aptly backed to 50 Cent's 'It's Your Birthday', first off the mark in the video is that "blonde's seem to have more fun" adding that "platinum blondes have the most fun of all" (an ode to her new 'do). She tells her viewers to look after their bodies and minds (drink water, meditate and moisturise!) and that "there is pretty much nothing that a good coffee can't help you accomplish."

We can also gladly report that one of the 25 learnings is that "Beyoncé does not sing Waterfalls" - a reference to a cringe / face palm worthy interview where Kloss mixed the two up.  

Watch the video posted to Kloss' YouTube channel, Klossy below. 

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