Sometimes in life, there are tricky things we do that need to be taught and learned - reading, writing, arithmetic - and others we just muddle through along the way - love and emotion, for example. And, of course, style.

While there are seemingly endless guides on trends and influencers and how to wear the latest It-bag, it's easy to become confused and/or stuck in a style rut without knowing how to move forward. Enter: UNIQLO and Melbourne's School of Life and their workshops on the daily art of dressing.

Setting out to explore the physical and psychological reasons behind what we wear, (dress codes, culture, parents, moods) the workshop is an interactive space inspired by UNIQLO's Science of Lifewear campaign which celebrates clothing for real people in real life situations.

The School of Life also offers workshops on rewiring your creativity, how to argue like a pro and 'the art of cool'. Time to get schooled.

How To Get Dressed (& other things you think you know but don’t)