The Olympic Games is the most competitive arena to play in on the planet, but the action isn't confined to sports. There's also the question of which country nails the uniform brief

According to ancient history, the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC in Greece and what the athletes wore was pretty much a non-issue: apparently, it was a sans clothing event. But since the start of the Olympics in their current form in 1896, how each team is kitted out has become a hotly contested match of local design talent. After all, they're representing their country in front of the entire world. So, no pressure then.

From the understated sex appeal of Armani for Team Italy to fast fashion favourite H&M's activewear for Team Sweden, we present the 11 gold-medal worthy Olympic team outfits. Let the Games begin. 

Game on: 11 Olympic uniforms that should win fashion gold