Everything you need to know about Bieber’s GF Sofia Richie

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Charting the uber-fortunate and famous social sphere of Sofia Richie, girlfriend to Justin Bieber

If you thought the world of LA's most elite (and by that we mean the universe inhabited by a certain reality-TV famous family) seemed kinda incestuous, you're not wrong. Enter Sofia Richie, the daughter of Lionel and ex-wife Diane Richie, and half-sister to Nicole Richie who's arrived onto the scene as Justin Bieber's newly minted girlfriend. Already the target of some intense Insta-hate from Biebs' fierce army of Beliebers, trolling on Sofia was so intense, it led Justin to delete his Instagram account earlier this week (he'll be back - we just know it).

But just who is Sofia Richie? At just 17 years of age, the model is part of that new breed of privileged Hollywood kids we're already so familiar with. Born into wealth and an A-list connections, Sofia hangs with style-twin Kylie Jenner, explores Japan with Bieber, hangs out on superyachts in Capri with her besties and casually goes jet skiing with Alessandra Ambrosio and Joan Smalls - as you do. And taking a leaf from her comrades the Kardashians/Jenner clan, Sofia's posse is all one big interconnected mess of celebrity offspring, socialites and wannabe-famous Californians living the life so perfectly described by Frank Ocean's 'Super Rich Kids'. For proof, just click through the gallery above.

Everything you need to know about Bieber’s GF Sofia Richie (фото 1)

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