Emily Ratajkowski's sexiest red carpet moments

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'Gone Girl' star Emily Ratajkowski has come a long way - we chart her (very sexy) fashion evolution  

Ever since she danced naked across our YouTube screens in Robin Thicke's unforgettable 2013 music clip, Emily Ratajkowski has gone from 'the hot chick in the 'Blurred Lines' video' to, well, just the hottest chick in Hollywood. The California-raised babe with the hard-to-pronounce Polish surname (hint: drop the j) made her film debut in Gone Girl, appeared in Entourage (as herself, natch), We Are Your Friends and is set to feature in the upcoming flicks In Darkness and Cruise. And that's just Hollywood. 

Emily has also been spotted in two Marc Jacobs campaigns, walking the Miu Miu A/W '16 runway and getting naked and feminist with Naomi Wolf. Oh yeah, and then there's that Kim Kardashian topless bathroom selfie that got everyone talking. Of course, when it comes to her fashion choices, Emily is slowly hitting her style stride. While she has more curves than your typical high fashion model, she's a pro at flaunting her best assets with plunging necklines (for obvious reasons), crop tops and asymmetrical hemlines and necklines. Favouring simple silhouettes and the occasional incredible evening gown, it's pretty obvs that when you've got a body like this, you don't need to try that hard.

Click through the gallery above to see Emily's sexiest fashion moments.

Emily Ratajkowski's sexiest red carpet moments (фото 1)

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