Despite what Paula Abdul once claimed, science has demonstrated that, when it comes to the rules of attraction, opposite aren't always drawn to each other. In fact, it's been found that we're more likely to be attracted to people who look like us, or at least, look like our parents, than those who don't.  

Powered by curiosity, we looked at three long-time muses and the designers who take them from house-to-house, to suss whether this attraction crosses into fashion. Turns out, it does. Here's three of the most memorable designers and their doppelganger muses.


Marc Jacobs & Sofia Coppola  

In their image: are these designers casting their own doppelgangers?

Yesterday, it was announced that  the campaign that keeps on giving, Marc Jacobs' A/W '15 campaign, which already stars Cher, Willow Smith, Winona Ryder, Musician Steve Mackey and his son Marley and Emily Ratajkowski, had another new face throw into the mix (and arguably the least surprising of the bunch), Jacobs' long-time muse and collaborator, director Sofia Coppola.

In their image: are these designers casting their own doppelgangers?

Their friendship dates back to the '90s when Jacobs was the creative director at Perry Ellis, she's since starred in  various fashion and beauty campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, and has even designed a capsule collection for the latter. "Not only was I attracted to how she looked, her sense of style, I was drawn to her manner, her behaviour, her life, her ambitions and creativity..." Jacobs has said of his muse. Or perhaps it's because they share the same nose?   

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Nicolas Ghesquière & Jennifer Connelly 

In their image: are these designers casting their own doppelgangers?

This week also saw the Louis Vuitton A/W '15 campaign drop, and low-and-behold, it starred Nicolas Ghesquière's leading lady (and serious female stunt double), Jennifer Connelly. The actress, who has been a friend to Ghesquière for over 15 years, has starred in several campaigns for the designer, both at LV and at Balenciaga and is one of his most reoccurring faces and biggest red carpet supporters. "Jennifer continues to inspire me with her commitment to daring roles; strong yet delicate at the same time." He has told WWD of Connelly who, not only embodies the dichotomy in his designs, but also that of Ghesquière himself.

In their image: are these designers casting their own doppelgangers?

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Phoebe Philo & Daria Werbowy

 In their image: are these designers casting their own doppelgangers?

Throughout Daria Werbowy's career, she's played muse to many a photographer and designer, but it's been her almost 12-year working relationship with Céline creative director, Phoebe Philo that has established her as one of the most achingly cool models in fashion. Over the years, modelling for Philo at both Chloé and Céline, Werbowy has gradually morphed into a chic effigy of the designer, from her spirit, strength, boldness and cool-factor, to the most obvious: her physical appearance.  And we know we're not the only ones who have pondered over this likeness; a quick google search, revealing countless op-eds on the topic, will tell you that.

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