Cue the nostalgia: the unseen photos of '90s It-girls

Text: Yeong Sassall

Relive the golden age of fashion photography through the lens of famed British fashion photographer Drew Jarrett, writes Ros Brennan

The German word fernweh describes an intangible feeling the English language hasn't quite grasped. It's a restless longing for faraway places. A nostalgia for a place and time that you never knew. The '90s - with its unkempt hair, androgynous style and it girls who rose to fame in a pre-influencer world - certainly induces its fair share of fernweh.

Just google 'Kate Moss partying in the 90s' and you'll be met with endless grainy party polaroids of Ms Moss strutting out of nightclubs with Johnny Depp, sharing a ciggie with Linda Evangelista or rocking a sheer dress next to Naomi Campbell like it ain't no thang. Of her partying days in the '90s, she famously said "I was staying between Christy and Naomi's rooms and it was all limos and the Ritz Hotel and all that kind of business."

Thanks to a new photography book 1994, you can relive the glittery haze of '90s London through the eyes of renowned fashion photographer Drew Jarrett. A one-time London roommate of Mario Sorrenti and Glen Luchford, Drew Jarrett's book features intimate portraits of Kate Moss, Stella Tennant, Milla Jovovich and more leading ladies.  

Capturing both the grungy vibe of '90s London and the rebellious spirit of the next wave of post-80s supermodels, the never-before seen images document magazine-making as it never will be again. As Drew Jarrett explains, it was a different time in the world of magazines: "Basically, it was just turn up for jobs and do what you felt. From my experience, magazines were leaving you to do whatever you wanted - there was so much creative freedom, with few restrictions."

"For example, laying on the beaches of San Blas Islands in Panama sunbathing, while the client was wondering when we would shoot but always coming up with the goods. I have these incredible memories of special people I met (...) the 90s were powerful, raw, creative, honest, uninhibited good times."

Click through the gallery to see 1994's highlights, and or order your copy of the book here

Cue the nostalgia: the unseen photos of '90s It-girls (фото 1)

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