As the 12th commission from Miu Miu's acclaimed Women's Tales series, That One Day is a cinematic study on female friendship through the eyes of 17-year-old skater girl.

Directed by Crystal Moselle, whose documentary on a group of young siblings living in the confinement of a Lower East Side apartment saw her rise to fame last year, the film is set once again in downtown New York, and follows a kick-ass group of skater girls, set to a soundtrack of the kind of dreamy, melty guitars that would make Sofia Coppola proud.

Together, the girls skate, dance, talk about love and loneliness and generally dominate in what is usually a boy's world (all the while decked out in the most spectacular - yet skate-friendly - Miu Miu attire, of course).

A truly beautiful and empowering portrayal, guaranteed to give you goosebumps and all the feels. Watch it in full below.

Watch: the all-girl skate gang shredding the NYC streets for Miu Miu