Instagram fail: 40 celebs who've also pulled a Britney Spears

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Britney Spears is doing it, Miranda Kerr is guilty, and even Beyoncé is on board... who else is guilty of heavily Photoshopping their Instagram?

Tinseltown may own the phrase 'Fake it til you make it', but anyone vaguely famous on social media has read that phrase, run with it and taken it to hilarious new places. Case in point: the recent Instagram from late '90s pop princess Britney Spears. While her fans certainly loved her impossibly smooth skinned, teeny waisted look - we haven't seen the singer looking like this since her '...Baby One More Time' days. Oops... she did do it, but maybe never again.

But on closer inspection, poor Britney's not alone in this suspected Photoshopping scandal. In recent years we've seen songbird Beyoncé admit to posting her best version of a selfie and even Victoria's Secret alumni Miranda Kerr was caught out in a 'waist-gate' type scandal a few years back. And then there are the Kardashians... not that they've ever admitted to any creative image manipulation, of course.

And before you accuse us of getting all judge-y, don't worry. We're the first to wax lyrical on the power of an awesome filter, or even the ocasional use of Facetune to magically blur out a blemish or dark circle. But take a good look at some of these Instagram pics and ask yourself this: does it strike anyone else as odd that all these celebs are starting to look similarly doll-like - with unnaturally smooth skin that's completely laugh line and freckle free? Thank goodness for the advent of filter-free Snapchat, or else we'd never know the difference!

Click through our gallery of celeb Instagrams above and see if you can spot which ones have had visit from the Photoshop and Facetune fairies. Remember, no judgement. We can only imagine what it's like to be famous.

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