The 32 coolest celeb couples of all time

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Mick and Bianca. Serge and Jane. Kate and Johnny. Courtney and Kurt. Go on, admit it - there are some famous pairings that are simply better than others. Whether it's the combined physical perfection of two startingly good looking human beings displaying alarming levels of PDA or the sheer thrill of watching two renegades fall into a dangerous love bubble, there's a long (and sordid) history of the world being fascinated with cool couples.

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While some have courted paparazzi attention (ahem, Kimye...), others have at least tried to hide from the world's lens - but no matter what they do, we remain transfixed by their starry relations. And even though many of these love affairs didn't go the distance, they remain preserved as a perfect moment in pop culture history. Here, we bring you our favourite couples of all time - more memorable, more crazy, more likely to have entire books written about them - these are the lovebirds that we've wanted to be. Enjoy.

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