Hall of fame: the 30 hottest bikini bodies of all time

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It takes a stroke of luck to be born beautiful, but keeping your body bikini ready is another story...

Before you start grumbling about getting back into your summer body routine, spare a thought for the world's most beautiful models and actresses (just bear with us for a moment). Think about it: when you've got a love scene or swimwear shoot perpetually around the corner, staying in glorious, cover shoot-worthy shape is a natural part of your daily gig - so it pretty much means no cheat days. Like, ever. 

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While we can't really feel too sorry for them (immense wealth and the adoring stares of millions sure helps), let's be clear: when it comes to keeping your body beach-ready month in month out, they've got it tough. Sure, they've got the willowy limbs and perky butt gene already in the bag, but they also spend their lives trying to keep their hands firmly out of the biscuit jar and onto the Pilates reformer.

So if you're ever wanting to learn a trick or two about commitment and self-control in the face of diet and exercise - ask these women. Furthermore, next time you're sweating it out on the treadmill or contemplating dessert, take a look at this gallery. We're pretty sure bodies these bangin' don't come from pigging out on a cheese platter. From the classic hourglass shape of Marilyn Monroe to the bronzed limbs of Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford and their noughties-era Victoria's Secret equivalents, here, we salute 30 of our all-time favourite bikini bodies. After all, there's nothing like a bit of celebrity #fitspo to get you motivated, right?        

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