25 reasons we love Phoebe Tonkin

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The Aussie actress may have a huuuuge social media following and a rabid US fan base, but she still always manages to stay under the radar

It's rare to find an Australian starlet more popular overseas than Down Under, but Phoebe Tonkin defies all forms of usual Hollywood star logic. Beautiful, stylish and utterly charming (if her Instagram is anything to go by), the actress has been acting since she was a teen. After a couple of local roles in kids TV shows, Tomorrow, When the War Began and the obligatory Home & Away stint, Phoebe went straight to Hollywood and starting working with seemingly little effort. Her specialty? Supernatural tween shows like The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, all which have catapulted her to US fame - even managing to garner the attention of Chanel.

Coupled with a former relationship with Vampire Diaries hottie Paul Wesley (the two have just announced their split) and a super-tight friendship with fellow Antipodean Teresa Palmer, we're just waiting for the day this talented Aussie has her true 'star is born' moment. In the meantime, click through the gallery above to fnd out the 25 reasons we love Phoebe Tonkin.

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