Our 15 all-time favourite celebrity goths

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Hollywood's not just made up of California blondes and rugged hunks, you know - here, we celebrate 15 celebs who know how to unleash their inner vamp

The term 'goth' has been around for centuries and can be applied to all manner of architecture, fashion, music, literature and even tribes of Germanic people. But in the modern sense, it's a subculture that instantly conjures up images of raven hair, pasty white faces with lashings of black eyeliner, piercings and lots of leather. While the modern goth evolved in the '80s thanks to a happening post-punk rock scene, '90s kids will fondly recall the black satin slip dresses, crucifix chokers and black lipstick from the goths of that decade.

While movies like Beetlejuice and The Craft both borrowed and influenced the subculture, in recent times we've seen fashion and beauty trends pop up that borrow heavily from the aesthetic, too. Not just a look, but also an anti-conformist attitude, it seems that even Hollywood stars aren't immune to its charms. From the committed goths like shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, to the dabblers like Winona Ryder and the Olsen twins, we track 15 of our favourite celebs who've enjoyed their own goth moment.

Our 15 all-time favourite celebrity goths (фото 1)

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