10 times David Bowie changed the face of fashion

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We celebrate the legendary star's extraordinary influence on the world's most major designers

The late David Bowie didn't just change the direction of modern pop music - all facets of the creative sphere credit the cultural deity as a source of inspiration, from fashion to dance, design to beauty. Continually reinventing himself over the '70s, '80s, '90s right up to 2016, the style chameleon was famous for his avant-garde alter egos and owned androgyny way before it became mainstream.

The Bowie aesthetic defied gender stereotypes and magically managed to be both daring and undeniably chic.  From Jean Paul Gaultier to Raf Simons, Alexander McQueen to Gucci, this is just a sample of the star's incredible impact on fashion. 

10 times David Bowie changed the face of fashion (фото 1)



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