Don't get us wrong: we've reported on the allure of the Apple Watch and we like our high-tech gizmos and gadgets as much as the rest of you. But there's an old-world appeal about analogue that sets our hearts aflutter in a way that digital just can't - whether it's the patina of a worn leather Hermès watch band, the glint of diamonds on a Chanel Boy.Friend timepiece or the all-out glamour of jewel-encrusted wrist candy.

Trust Louis Vuitton to enter the fold with a new collection that has us disabling the time on our smartphone screens and worshipping at the altar of watches once more. Inspired by the house's iconic trunks, the Emprise collection is the new modern classic: a strong square watch face (framed by diamonds, if you will), dials that evoke the padding inside each trunk and horns holding the wrist-strap that mirror the trunks' signature hardware.

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Why the analogue watch is 2016's must-have accessory 

The result is as enticing and timeless as Louis Vuitton's luxury trunks themselves - plus you don't have to worry about an updated version being released in 12 months' time. Now that's the real beauty of analogue.

Why the analogue watch is 2016's must-have accessory

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