Trashed your Chanel bag? This is how you deal

Trashed your Chanel bag? This is how you deal

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Is your Saint Laurent or Prada looking a little worse for wear? Reebonz has a genius care program that you need in your life

If you're one who likes to splurge on designer handbags, you'll agree there's nothing worse than watching your 'investment' Gucci purchase slowly start to gather scratches and stains - or worse, succumb to the dreaded pen leak. Call it general wear and tear, but when you've forked out upwards of a thousand dollars on an item, it's hard to stand by idly and watch it get damaged. But aside from the odd spray of fabric protector or rub of leather conditioner - what else can you do to help a worn-out handbag?

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Turns out, a lot more than you think. Luxury handbag retailer and consigner Reebonz has a little-known service that's part of its customer care program. Open to anyone who visits the store with their damaged designer handbag, the care program offers cleaning, scratch repairs and even colour restorations on leather items with deep stains (but not ink ones, sadly). And the best bit? You don't need to be a Reebonz member to access it. For a small fee, which will vary according to what's being done, Reebonz will take your bag and work their magic on it and bring it back as shiny and new as godly possible.

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So how do you get on board? Visit the Sydney concept store with your bag and speak to someone about getting an assessment. Once they've had a look, they'll be able to recommend a course of action. As a rough guide, cleaning will require your bag to be left with the Reebonz team for two or three days, scratches take two days, and more extensive scratches or full colour restorations mean you'll be without your bag for around two weeks. It's also worth noting that most lambskin and oxskin leather bags can be repaired, however patent leather can't.

For more information, visit the Reebonz concept store in the Sydney CBD.
570 George Street, Sydney,

Trashed your Chanel bag? This is how you deal (фото 3)

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