Tough love: why we’re obsessed with this punk-luxe collection

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We're a little (ok, a lot) in love with Hermès' punk-inspired jewellery collection

You don't have to be an anarchist to understand the allure of punk. Tough, brazen and rebellious, the aesthetic alone has an intense energy that seems to lure fashion designers and creatives in, time and time again. But even if the inherent chaos of this feverish movement isn't quite your MO, it's hard to ignore the allure of its most singular icon: the safety pin.

Inspired by the youthful rebellion that flourished in the '70s, Hermès jewellery's creative director Pierre Hardy has designed a modern tribute to the very spirit of punk. With designs that build on the form of the safety pin, each piece offers a luxurious twist on the everyday ordinariness of the source material. From necklaces rendered in rose gold and diamonds to double rings and cuff bracelets that build on the safety pin's ergonomic silhouette, the Punk collection is the best reimagining of the Hermès Chaîne d'Ancre range we've seen yet. No wonder it's landed at the very top of our Christmas wishlist...

Shop and browse the collection at now. 

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